Cheap branding & logo design in Luton

6 February 2024

cheap branding and logo design in luton

HELYI is a premium design service offering cheap branding & logo design to Luton and beyond. Whether you’re one person with a small business, or a company of hundreds, HELYI levels the playing field offering the same level of premium branding & logo design service to everyone.


My name is Lou, and I’m the sole designer at HELYI. I have over 15 years experience working at some of the biggest companies in the UK, including Apple, Expedia, and Currys PC World. I got tired of the corporate grind and decided to do things a little differently.

In order to give everyone the same top-level service I said no to fancy office space and all that showy stuff agencies do – it’s the work you’re here for, not the dog and pony show. I work out of my cozy home office, producing work that goes beyond anything you’ll see at agencies 10x the size.

Branding & logo design by HELYI

Good branding & logo work does a lot of heavy lifting. An impression of your business is formed immediately, based on what you present to the world. The job of HELYI is to help you show the world exactly what your business is about.

Scalable & Usable

The ideal logo isn’t a renaissance painting, it’s simple and to the point. HELYI creates logos in as few colours as possible, cutting down on the physical cost of using that logo in the real world.

You’ll also be provided with a vector file of your image. Vector files are infinitely scalable, so whether your logo is a masthead on an A4 letter or a massive graphic on the side of a building, it’ll always retain quality.

How much does branding & logo design cost?

There’s a flat cost of £60 for logo design by HELYI – I’m not gonna ask you to call and tell me how big your business is so I can add a few zeroes on the end of an arbitrary number, it’s this price for everyone.

If you’re looking to flesh out your brand identity, then for £100 I can create both a logo and a styleguide. A styleguide is a set of principles that give anyone working with your brand some guidance on how to keep your look and feel consistent, including what colors and fonts to use.

Head over to the pricing page for more info.

Get in contact

If you have any questions about anything discussed here, or how HELYI can help you, please head to the contact page – I’ll be happy to hear from you!