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If you're looking to build a site with more than one page, perhaps to break out info into its own sections for your visitors, please get in touch and we can discuss.

How does this work?

I work on a 3 revision policy. And the whole process is broken down into four steps, with a neat new design you love on the other side of it.

Step 1

Send a request through! I'll read it and get back to you to talk about the project.

Step 2

We agree to kick things off and you pay for your designs, via PayPal or card.

Step 3

I deliver an initial concept based on what's been discussed.

Step 4

If you're happy with this concept then great! If not, there are 3 more revisions available.

What is a concept?

The concept is the first design you receive, and the launch point for our creative back and forth. Sometimes I hit the mark perfectly at this stage, but if not then you'll provide feedback on the changes you desire. This feedback is used to make a revision.

What is a revision?

A revision is another version of the design, based on your feedback. There's no limit on the feedback you can provide, so please be as detailed as possible; this will help get a spot-on revision. There are 3 revisions available for us to fine-tune, the 3rd being the final.