Flyer, brochure & leaflet design in Luton

23 February 2024

leaflet design luton

If you’re looking for high quality flyer, brochure or leaflet design in Luton and the surrounding area then HELYI is your destination. Providing premium quality creativity at fixed, affordable pricing that’s cost-effective for any business size, from sole traders to big companies.


Hello, I’m Lou, the sole designer at HELYI. With over 15 years of experience working at major UK companies like Apple, Expedia, and Currys PC World, I decided to break free from the corporate grind and opted to do things differently.

To ensure everyone receives top-notch service, I skipped the fancy office space and flashy agency showmanship. Working from my cozy home office, I produce work that surpasses what you’ll find at agencies ten times the size.

Flyer & leaflet design by HELYI

A nicely designed flyer or leaflet inspires a lot more confidence in potential customers than you might think. At a base level it exists to tell a potential customer what’s for sale, but on a more subconscious level it’s doing a lot of work – it’s giving that person a sense of your brand or company’s personality. When this works well it gives that person a lot more confidence to act on what they’re seeing.


HELYI offers some of the best flyer & leaflet design in Luton for a fixed cost of only £80 – this gets you a professionally made, one-sided flyer, leaflet, or poster.

For an extra £40 per side you can extend this design out across further sides and pages, perfect for brochures or multi-panelled leaflets where there’s lots of info to convey.

If you need help working out whether or not you’ll require multiple sides, please feel free to get in contact – we can talk about what information is being used, and how it can be applied.

If you’re curious visit the pricing page for more details.

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If you have any questions or want to learn more about how HELYI can assist you, please visit the contact page. I’m eager to hear from you!